Thanks to:


Dear  friends!

We are very grateful to you all for the help that you provide to our duet!
We want to write here individual words of gratitude to people who help us a lot.

Thanks a lot!


 We very happy to know you and play your  beautiful violins  Peter Körner

Thank you Prof.Dr.phil. Sieglinde Hartmann


Thank you Gisela Pohl for the possibility to practice

Thank you Andreas Göckel und Pirastro for a great Strings

Thank you  for your text Tea Mealer

Thank you for sound Natalia Ervits

Thank you for sound Tristan Eck

Thank you for support Harald Jorkowsky

Thank you for great taste and excellent colors  Dmitryj Potemkin

Thank you  Marita Jansen

Thank you Lubomir Alexandrovich 

Thank you for  beautiful photos Ahmet Ekici

Thank you for beautiful photos René Hering

Thank you for support Sven Haunschild

Thank you for  photos and videos Bruno Arragone